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Aziz G. Mihliev


Mr. Aziz G. Mihliev, founder and promoter of cricket sport in Uzbekistan. During his college years in Bengaluru, India, he came across this wonderful sport and had the pleasure of learning cricket closely while playing it along with peers.

It was his dream to introduce cricket in Uzbekistan, which came into reality in 2019.

“Uzbekistan is a land of sport loving people. Sport is well supported by the government, as well. And, cricket resembles the “chillah” of the Uzbek national game which is played with long and short sticks”- he says in one of his interviews given to “Emerging Cricket” news portal.

By summoning his idea supporters around himself, he submitted the registration documents to the Ministry of Justice and after the positive approval he started sketching the long-lasting cricket development program in Uzbekistan. The idea of developing cricket is also welcomed by the Ministry of Sports Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

On the road to international recognition of the CFU, he visited the International Cricket Council (ICC) and Asian Cricket Council (ACC) in Dubai, UAE.  Both international bodies stretched their supporting hands to welcome CFU to the family of cricket. Ultimately, CFU has been granted an associate membership by the ICC in 2022.

Within a year, Uzbek youth picked up cricket basics and started playing among themselves which created a foundation of several regional teams e.g. Barlos, Afrosiyob, ANFA teams are some in the list.

Mr. Aziz G. Mihliev, believes that the future of cricket in Uzbekistan is very bright. And, he does all in his capacity to see the Uzbekistan National team playing finals and winning the World Cricket Championship which will, in return, bring fame and honor to his beloved country.


Foreword by Aziz Mihliev


The growth and development of sport over the recent years have been immense. Sport has created international incidents and it has helped resolve international disputes. Introducing a new type of sport to a nation can be a challenging task, however, the advantages it can bring to the country and to the world sports arena are numerous. We are glad and proud of having successfully introduced cricket in Uzbekistan in 2019 and to have involved a great number of young people to this interesting type of sport.

Cricket is one of the most renowned global game. It is the most popular game in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, UAE, the UK, Australia, South Africa and its popularity is increasing at a fast pace in many other parts of the world. We believe that cricket will also become one of the most demanding sports in Uzbekistan in the near future. Cricket in Uzbekistan will not only contribute to the country’s sportive presence in the world but also it will contribute to the economic and social growth and improvements throughout our country.

There are many advantages to playing cricket. The game encourages team spirit, fosters discipline, helps build up character and brings out the quality of leadership. The health and wellness benefits of playing cricket are countless. First of all, cricket is the best exercise to keep fit and burn calories because it involves a lot of muscle exercises like striking, pitching, throwing and catching, doing which one can establish great concentration and excellent motor skills. It teaches team spirit, collaboration and game strategies and tactics. Therefore, many people call this sport a gentleman's game or a mind game. 

This book will introduce you into the game of cricket, its rules, formats and more. Thanks to this book, you might have the right answer for your questions about cricket, broadening your sports horizon.

I hope that in the near future Uzbekistan will also be listed in World Cricket Rankings.


Thank you.